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FERVENS Technologies has been founded in January of 2004 as Information Technology (IT) service and product provider company. Company's goal is to provide the best and cost-effective products and services for home automation, surveillance systems based on Internet technologies as well as voice over IP (VoIP) services. Get freedom of the Internet without losing full control over your valuable assets wherever you go, wherever you are.

As an authorized partner of Axis Communications, Proxim Wireless, Netgear, SMC Networks, and IC Intracom, FERVENS Technologies can provide up-to-date information on new products, documentation, software, and cutting-edge Internet technologies. Just ask us!

Products and Services for Your Home:
  • Wired and wireless networking. FERVENS Technologies can help you to find the right product and right solution for your needs;
  • Customized home network security recommendations;
  • Video and audio remote monitoring of your home and your children;
  • Control your home environment: temperature, humidity and much more.

For Businesses and Advanced Home Networking:

We do our best to make your business more profitable, stable, secure, and attractive to clients by using innovative IT solutions and products. List of our products and services includes but not limited to:
FERVENS Technologies strives to provide the best service and products available on the market to our customers with respect and appreciation.

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